Leading Italian Wax

Beauty Therapists of NZ are loving our wax from leading Italian manufacturer Xanitalia. Why ... quite simply it opens hair pores and removes hair from the root leaving the client with a cleaner finish and gentler procedure. It's win:win for Client and Therapist.

Of course there is more science to it; it's about how the wax is made with innovative hydrocarbon resin making them highly tolerable even for sensitive skin, very elastic so no breakages, very high quality for consistent results and spreadability so just a thin layer is required meaning this wax goes further.

Check out this video on how it works

Consumer Survey 2018 about sunbeds

There is nothing new about the Consumer Survey on Sunbeds published this month. Once again they point out that compliance by operators is not up to standard. In fact I would agree, more's the pity, especially with only 68% of operators using skin analysis and consent forms, this should be at 100% it's sooo easy.

It's interesting to note Consumer don't say how much improved the industry is on complying with the standards since they started their surveys nor how the industry has shrunk drastically over this time. 

At least this year Consumer didn't go into those misleading arguments they usually use about how bad sunbeds are and quoting World Health Organisation (WHO) report stating sunbed use increases melanoma risk. This report has been repeatedly refuted and recently an expert review* concluded that the WHO report is based on incomplete, unbalanced, and non critical evaluation of the literature. It states the report fails to establish a cause-effect relationship between sunbed use and cancer. Moreover the report deliberately conceals the beneficial effects of UV and sunbed exposure, which includes longer life expectancy, decreased occurrence of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, and protection against several cancer types.

Well done all those operators who turned away underage &/or fair skin mystery shoppers - that's fabulous operating in compliance with the voluntary solarium standards.

We are concerned that Consumer state they want sunbeds banned as in Australia. To use a sunbed in Australia you can use a home sunbed (where there are no restrictions) or go to the black market which is now rife (also no restrictions). We think the best way to ensure consumer safety is to implement and enforce mandatory standards.

It's been more than two since the Ministry of Health (MOH) consulted on the possibility of legislation for sunbeds. We have heard nothing from them since, not a peep. Perhaps this is a good thing as they proposed some excessive fees on operators that would certainly see the demise of the now tiny industry in this country. Meanwhile we continue to provide adults in this country with a choice; long may choice continue.

*A Critical Appraisal of the Recent Reports on Sunbeds from the European Commission’s Scientific Committee

Top 5 Benefits of Red Light Therapy

This is a wonderful article on the benefits of red light therapy. In summary the benefits are:

  1. Increased Immunity & Reduced Side Effects of Cancer Treatments; some side effects of radiation and chemotherapy can be painful, red light can successfully reduce symptoms including oral mucositis
  2. Wound Healing & Tissue Repair; Redlight directly stimulates the regeneration processes in the skin through increased cellular proliferation, migration and adhesion. Red light therapy has been shown to positively affect skin cells through regeneration of fibroblasts, keratinocytes and modulation of immune cells (including mast cells, neutrophils and macrophages) all found within skin tissue.
  3. Anti-Aging Effects for Skin & Hair Loss; Red light significantly improves skin complexion, improves skin tone & texture, reduces skin roughness & wrinkles, reduces redness including rosacea and increases collagen density. Red light stimulates hair follicle growth thereby reducing hair loss.
  4. Improved Joint & Musculoskeletal Health; Red light therapy is now being used to treat arthritis symptoms thanks to its capability of stimulating collagen production and rebuilding cartilage. Cellular rejuvenation and increased blood flow due to red light therapy are two key aspects of improving joint and tissue health. 
  5. Reduced Depression & Fatigue; Sessions are most certainly relaxing and naturally energizing.

Check out the full story here

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Announcing the latest innovation in Tanning

Hybrid Tanning uses lamps that are a combination of collagen red light and Ultra Violet light. These new lamps, collatan lamps, provide skincare and tanning at the same time.

Hapro has just announced two new Collagen Sun beds to launch this concept into the home tanning market. The C24 and the C26/5, the first with 24 collatan lamps the second with 26 collatan lamps and with an additional 5 collagen booster lamps for additional skin rejuvenation of the face.

Both come in a beautiful Pearl White colour and may be ordered in New Zealand from us. 

Tanning and skincare in one

Tanning and skincare in one

Renu advanced anti-ageing skincare uses unique cell communication

The renu range has been created from over thirty years of experience of blending high quality natural ingredients with the latest advances in skicare technology. Renu advanced anti-ageing skin care has been developed to use a unique system of cell communication.

Our skin is amazing. It is a mirror to our health and well-being and our biggest age giveaway. The secret to healthy, vibrant skin is understanding and respect.

The skin is the largest organ of the body; it gives us appearance and shape. Although appearing delicate it is resilient, self healing and most importantly, it is intelligent - a powerhouse of activity.

We are continually making new discoveries about the structure and functions of our skin, for example; stem cell research is an area being used in fighting against skin cancer and disease. Through this important research we are learning how our skin cells function and interact. We have discovered that cells communicate with each other, transferring vital information from one cell to another, via their membranes. This transfer of information happens through the cell membranes "mediators and receptors". Mediators instruct each cell how to react and this information is then passed through the membrane and onto the receptor of the next cell. This information passes backwards and forwards through the epidermis and dermis.

As a child you would have played "Chinese Whispers". The cells act in this way, whispering vital information to the cells surrounding it, on and on, this information spreads until the particular action is complete and the skin has regulated itself. This action happens continually in the skin.

Renu has developed to use this unique system of cell communication. Renu skin care actives have been chosen because they respect the skin. The actives are themselves mediators; they contain information useful to the skin. They interact with the epidermal skin cells. In this way Renu works with the skin, enhancing and supporting its natural, everyday functions. This is one of the most technologically advanced approaches to modern cosmetology.

Peel to reveal a new you

Did you know Peels have been used for 3500 years? They used such ingredients as milk (lactic acid), grape skin (tartaric acid), salt and honey (pyruvic acid). Historical figures such as Cleopatra and Elizabeth I are known to have bathed in milk which was thought to be the reason their skin remained so light and bright.

Peels essentially exfoliate the skin by dissolving the intercellular glue causing the surface layer to loosen and desquamate. Thus, acids speed up the natural process of skin shedding. This especially helps those with ageing skin, skin pigmentation and problematic skin (eg:acneic). Ageing slows down cell renewal often making skin look thin and pale. Skin pigmentation is often noticed later in life and is the result of sun damage to the skin. Excess sebum or oil on the skin caused inflammation and breakouts in problematic skin. All these conditions are helped by the process of exfoliation and peel treatments. 

Acids used in the MONU Peel system include:

Glycolic Acid; derived from sugar cane, removes the top layers

Lactic Acid; derived from sour milk, lightens and brightens complexion

Salicylic Acid; derived from wintergreen, sweet birch leaves and willow bark, helps acne

Citric Acid; derived from citrus, provides radiance and vitality to brighten skin

Together this complex blend works to give you a brighter, fresher complexion resulting in even skin tone and texture. Be sure to seek professional advice on the most appropriate treatment course or one off treatment for your skin.

Beauty Therapist's may also like to check out how to undertake this treatment by watching this video training.




A Rave for Sun Evolutions

We've been stockists in New Zealand of Supre Tan Tanning Lotions for, well, lots of years. The company behind them is now called Sun Evolutions and I just want to say they're great, they're innovative, and leaders in their field plus they give great support. 

This year Sun Evolutions have lots of new products; we've chosen quite a few to bring to NZ. Here are some of the new tanning lotions for 2016: Hempz Sunny Daze, Snooki Get Real Maximiser, Hempz HydroMax Ultra Dark Maximiser, Beauty and the Beach and Booty Bronze. 

We have selling sheets all about these products that our salon clients can access via our secure zone. There are also some great videos available that tell you about each product which can be found on vimeo, here are a couple.

Many of our clients are also familiar with the Training Manual which is choca blok full of all their products plus some great information about tanning and ingredients. 

So if you're a salon owner looking for great tanning, red light or bodycare products talk with us.

My Dry Skin Remedy Experience

Feeling tired and truly ready for a break at Christmas my skin decided to break out with a few dry patches. Well that's not surprising really since I hadn't been giving it much love recently. Having spoken with a few people 'in salon' I realise my remedy is worth sharing.

Seecret recipe = 2 parts collagen bed + 1 part serum

Having not been on the collagen bed for a few weeks and just doing basic cleanse, moisturise facial routine for some time, combined with being a 'naturally' dry skin type person and tiredness is why this showed itself to the world on my face with dry patches. It was like waking up one morning to a completely different face, well at least the skin condition.

So I have now had 2 collagen sessions each week for 2 weeks and used Renu Instant Smoothing Serum (because we have it on special right now so I wanted to be using it); the change is remarkable. Dryness is all gone and my skin tone has improved, it is now plump and smooth again. 

If you haven't experienced the collagen red light bed I can't tell you how many people complement me on how good my skin looks. It's not about getting rid of the wrinkles like botox  would, you don't instantly turn back the clock and have no smile lines. Your skin looks, feels and is healthier. 

Being a bed it means it's not just your face that gets healthy skin it's all over. Stretch marks are looking way less 'out there' than ever before and cellulite - well it's way less than before too. So with a little use of good body moisturiser I once again have beautiful skin all over - but you'll just have to take my word for that.

Kirsty Ethynes 

Government Consultation On Sunbeds

Regulation Proposed for commercial sunbeds - your opportunity to comment is NOW

Our very own Kirsty Ethynes is famous again - if you missed this on One News then here it is - Yep it's sunbeds in the news again.
Because the Government has released a consultation document calling for your input on their proposal to have more regulation of sunbed operations and operators. 

So go to the Ministry Of Health (MOH) website (Click here) and get copies of the Consultation Document, the Regulatory Impact Statement and most importantly the Submission form and start preparing your submission; it's a question answer format so not so bad.

You can be sure I'll be putting in a submission - I hope you do too.

What is Red Light Therapy or Collagen Skin Rejuvenation.

NASA developed red light technology to heal wounds in space but you don't need to be an Astronaut to experience red light therapy. Red light is light in the visible light spectrum at a wavelength of 620 nanometers. It's near Infra red light on the light spectrum but Infra Red is invisible, red light is visible. Red light is not anywhere near close to UV so despite our beds looking like sunbeds, collagen beds are nothing like their UV simulation counterparts. Red light therapy is natural, non invasive, pain free and uv-free, it does not cut, burn or break the skin.

Red light penetrates to the bottom of the dermis or to a depth of up to 10mm under the skin surface. Red light stimulates the skins ability to produce collagen and elastin, it also increases oxygen and nutrients. Collagen and elastin are the main proteins that contribute to our skin's elasticity, texture and tone. After around the age of 25 the body's natural skin metabolism slows down production thus the ageing process begins. Once ageing starts it is a slippery slope downhill leading to dryer complexions, wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity. Red light therapy helps our bodies halt the slippery slope.   

Red light therapy is not a quick fix. It's taken time for most of us to develop those wrinkles so you can't expect them to disappear overnight. Everyone's results are going to be individual , typically though clients see improvement in skin tone and texture, pore size, pigmentation spots, acne, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and scars and rosacea.

There are different forms of red light therapy including LED and collagen fluorescent lamps. LED typically treat small areas at one time only. Seecret collagen beds use collagen fluorescent lamps that can generate a much higher level and broader spectrum of light energy to the skin and gives full body results.

What's in a name? The story behind Beta Life International Ltd.

If, like us, who you deal with is important to you, you'll like to know a bit about the people behind the scenes; here's our story.

We are: 

Janis Bowker and Kirsty Ethynes, business partners and life partners. After working in corporate jobs in roles from PA to Investigating Accountant and everything in between we sold up and went in search of our dream.... a business of our own.

Many years ago we purchased a tanning wholesale company which had the name Super Tan Sunbeds.  A couple of years later we wanted to expand into other products especially in the beauty industry. Buying the products was easy, thinking up a new name, one that had meaning (at least to us), wasn't. This is the meaning of our company name; Beta Life International Ltd.

Beta; is second, it's the second business name for us and the start of a new era. Beta also incorporates our surnames - a little bit at least. And Beta Life indicates our commitment to providing better products and service. Since our products come from around the world so Beta Life International (BLI) was born.

You may be wondering what we mean by 'better products'.  Products from trusted manufacturers with ethical practices towards people, animals and the environment. That means things like, continuing improvement of products so no damaging chemicals are used, not testing on animals, choosing ingredients from sustainable sources and using recyclable packaging.  In essence we mean products that are a balance of nature and science which enable you to look great, feel great and know it’s better for you. 


Cruelty Free Beauty Supplier

With the news in March that the New Zealand Government has passed a ban on animal testing of finished cosmetics and their ingredients that are exclusively used for cosmetics, it is a great reminder that we are ahead of the game with all our product brands. Hempz Bodycare, Haircare, Supre Tan, and Monu Skincare Brands are all Cruelty Free ie. not tested on animals or any individual ingredient within these products. In fact all of Hempz and Supre Tan products are 100% Vegan and most of Monu Skincare is too, with the exception of products with collagen in them. Monu use marine collagen which is a by-product of the fishing industry. We are proud to have been well and truly ahead of the game for a number of years, on this score.

It is interesting to note that the actual legislation ban is on finished products and not on  "dual use" ingredients ie. substances that may be used for a purpose other than cosmetics. This then limits the ingredient list considerably as about 90% of all cosmetics ingredients fall into this category. This legislation is a start in the right direction but still has a long way to go.

Select Committee agree with choice for Adults

The Select Committee report on the Health (Protection) Amendment Bill does recommend a ban on under 18's from using commercial solaria. This is not a surprise and is not contested by the indoor tanning industry, indeed most support more regulations.

Notably the Select Committee carefully considered extending the provisions to ban commercial solaria, this as a result of the numerous submissions making this suggestion. The Committee were satisfied that the bill protects the vulnerable age group and that Adults can make their own choices. Indeed they point out that the 18 is the age legislation considers you are capable of making choices regarding smoking and alcohol. We have long said that how people get their UV exposure should be their choice, we are pleased the Select Committee agree with us.

The opposition parties are putting in a supplementary order paper to introduce a ban in three years. This is disappointing. They state "that New Zealanders should not be put at risk from cancer for a service that offers no health benefits". Vitamin d is the 'sunshine vitamin' required for lots of health benefits (many of which are still being discovered) and obtained by exposure to the suns UV rays, it is an erroneous position to take to say that a device that emits UV offers no health benefits.

Our message: UV light is necessary to life, how you get it is your choice, moderation and responsibility in how you get your UV dose is the key. 

We are very pleased the Select Committee agree that Adults (those over 18yrs) are capable of making their own choices.

Welcome to our new website

We're wrapped to present our new website. The old www.betalifeinternational.com had served us well for some years but it was time to retire it and get a new one. This one is designed specifically for our wholesale customers and prospects.  

As at our go live we know we have some more to add and tweak but hope you enjoy it and find it easy to navigate. We want to Thank squarespace as their web building tools have made putting this website together pretty easy and it's been a fun project.

So take a good look around the site, enjoy and we'd love your feedback if you have a moment or so.