Our Story 

Having started as a tanning supply company we were well known as Super Tan. Indoor tanning is about beauty and health, it’s a natural way to look great and feel great while using the science and convenience of today’s technology. Changing our name to Beta Life International signified the start of a new era. Beta meaning second indicated our second step in business; and our commitment to better products and service and it so happens that our Directors are Janis Bowker & Kirsty Ethynes. Beta Life International provides products from around the world that balance nature and science which enables you to look great, feel great and know it’s better for you.

Kirsty Ethynes with collagen bed

Kirsty Ethynes with collagen bed

Kirsty Ethynes - Front Seat Driver

I love business. With a business degree and heaps of experience I'm passionate about helping our business owner clients in their businesses.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Janis Bowker - Back Seat Driver

The key 'doer' behind the scenes who keeps me (Kirsty) and our business trucking along on an even keel.