Tanning Expertise

We know the New Zealand environment for operating sunbeds and will help you set up to ensure you and your clients get great results responsibly. This includes helping you get it right to meet the Australian/New Zealand Solaria Standard. We've got skin type questionaires, signage, tanning tables and more that will all help you set up. 


We sell new sunbeds by Hapro, for more information checkout the current range. We sell or onsell some secondhand sunbeds and in limited circumstances we rent sunbeds to commercial operators. Please contact us for more information. 

We sell tanning beds for home use too so please contact us on 0800 787378 or email us.

Hybrid Beds or Collatan Beds

Recently combination beds have been introduced. These hybrid beds have tubes or lamps that combine collagen and UV in the one tube named collatan tubes. You get all the good looks from having a tan whilst promoting good skin health at the same time.

Tanning Lotions

Supre Tan, by SUN EVOLUTIONS, is our most popular tanning lotion range and we recommend it because it works and there is an option for every tanner whether they're looking for that deep dark dark or great skincare or are budget conscious. We also stock ProTan, Fiesta Sun and John Abate lotions so we have plenty to choose from.

There are so many tanning lotions to choose from including options like accelerators, maximisers, bronzers natural bronzers, tingle, hot bronzers and more so it can get confusing. That's where we can help explain the options and assist you narrow it down to choices that fit you and your client needs, it's not a one lotion fits all! 

Tanning lotions are an important part of operating a sunbed. Since dry skin does not tan you need to look after your skin, tanning lotions are one of the ways you do this. Tanning lotions not only help bring out a great tan they also hydrate and nourish skin, in addition they can help reduce the amount of time you need to spend under the 'sun' and they're good business too.

Sunbed Tubes / Ultra Violet (UV) Lamps / Collatan lamps

We supply the largest range of UV lamps in New Zealand. We can supply tubes for any sun bed make or model including our Hapro brands, Ergoline, Alisun, Sun Capsule and more. Collatan or collagen and tanning lamps also available.

Due to the vast number of varieties you are best to talk to us well in advance of needing replacement tubes so you're not disappointed if we need to get them in for you.