Hapro Summer Glow

Sun into your own home, throughout the year, for a perfect tan that adds extra magic to your enchanting smile.

These compact facial tanners are very user-friendly and trendy because of the unique design and beautiful ‘bright white' colour with orange accents. Let your tan glow and enjoy the sun in your home with Hapro Summer Glow!

Hapro Summer Glow HB 404, with a 400 W HPA lamp and soft tanning filter, creates the perfect smooth tan. 


The Hapro Innergize is the cutting edge of wellness-comfort.

Hapro Innergize

Innergize gives you the optimum wellness experience in a compact size.

Hapro Innergize combines infra red light with a mild and balanced output of UV light. The infra red light gives a wonderful and intense warmth to muscles and joints. The mild UV light creates a nice tan and stimulates the natural production of Vitamin D. 

Topaz Home Sunbed

Topaz Home Sunbed

Topaz canopy

Topaz canopy

Hapro Topaz

An ideal home sunbed or canopy.

With optional configurations that include a full lie down sunbed or a canopy on wheels this little beauty is ideal for home tanning. Featuring user friendly controls and digital timer with optional features including body cooler, facial tanner. These tanning beds plug straight into your home power supply.


Hapro Proline

Proline V is an entry level vertical for small spaces or homes

Equipped with 100 W or 160 W technology, technical refinements, sophisticated features and comfort-increasing highlights, this sun shower will inspire the entire market. Gleaming materials, a contemporary design and color accents emphasize the modern and high-quality character of the product.

Proline C is a lie down for light commercial situations or a perfect home use sunbed

Horizontal tanning in a light spacious sun tunnel complete with up to 28 reflector lamps for a comfortable experience and great tan. Tanning duration is set using the centrally integrated timer also including counter for operational hours. Easy to use click strip function safely allows you to clean the acrylics and lamps.

The Hapro Proline vertical tanning unit is a sensation. 

Hapro Proline 28/1c an impressive unit of 3.3kW


Hapro Luxura X3 smart and solid for commercial operation

Luxura X3

Solid Reliable and Smart Commercial

Fresh, compact and up to date design that comes in different fashionable colours. Ecopower electronic ballasts optimises tube configuration and efficiency giving energy savings of approximately 25%. Choose between models and optional extras like longer 2m tubes to provide extra head to toe tanning for tall clients.


Luxura V6

Up to date and beautiful vertical tanning.

The Luxura V6 is the perfect model for everybody who wants to expand their services with professional tanning. The lovely design comes with smooth opening double doors with space saving small turning circles. Another highlight: the inside control panel has a clear, user friendly touch screen to navigate through the personal tanning settings. The lovely standby light enlightens the unit between tanning sessions. Inviting customers to enter the V6 and leaving nobody in the dark after the tanning session has ended.

Luxura V6


The stylish appearance of the X7 is combined with absolute quality in technique. This refl ects in a compact, yet very comfortable tanning area and great tanning results! A range of optional tanning features that clearly stand for high performance tanning.

Luxura X7 / X5

Stylish appearance and Technical smarts

Ideal for New Zealand solariums these models range from 34 to 42 tubes, are very comfortable with great tanning area and results. Featuring all the latest technology advances and optional extras including smart cooling for bed and tube efficiency, contour acrylics, smart touch controls, programmable timer and external timer connection, 8 step adjustable face and body coolers, easy light acrylic system and front panel access for easy cleaning and maintenance. This sun bed is a smart choice for a smart salon.


Luxura V8

Dazzling Design and Superior Performance Vertical

The Luxura V8 has a dazzling design that illuminates from
the beautiful top to bottom. The smooth, high quality
finishing –with no visible fastening materials emphasizes
it’s stylish appearance. The Luxura V8 includes the special Ambient FlowLight that brightens up the room with an inviting carousel of light, with one colour seamlessly flowing into the next. And there's so much more......


We like Luxury! The Luxura X10 delivers luxury in spades. Enjoy!

Luxura X10

Luxury, Space and Atmosphere

The most sophisticated product within the Luxura range. The X10 delivers to the client with spacious luxurious surroundings and features like air conditioning, aromatherapy, surround sound, spray mist and gives an impressive tanning result every time thanks to the 46 or 52 tanning tubes.  

There is nothing quite like the impressive stand up Luxura V10

Luxura V10

Absolute evolution of premium stand up tanning

There is nothing quite like this impressive unit. The vertical tanning bed impresses by its space-saving double wing doors, which can be opened simultaniously and effortlessly with just one hand. Luxura V10 is the right choice of a vertical tanning bed for every sun worshipper, no matter how tall or short. The floor lift brings the sunbather up to the perfect position to ensure perfect results in facial and feet tanning.