My Dry Skin Remedy Experience

Feeling tired and truly ready for a break at Christmas my skin decided to break out with a few dry patches. Well that's not surprising really since I hadn't been giving it much love recently. Having spoken with a few people 'in salon' I realise my remedy is worth sharing.

Seecret recipe = 2 parts collagen bed + 1 part serum

Having not been on the collagen bed for a few weeks and just doing basic cleanse, moisturise facial routine for some time, combined with being a 'naturally' dry skin type person and tiredness is why this showed itself to the world on my face with dry patches. It was like waking up one morning to a completely different face, well at least the skin condition.

So I have now had 2 collagen sessions each week for 2 weeks and used Renu Instant Smoothing Serum (because we have it on special right now so I wanted to be using it); the change is remarkable. Dryness is all gone and my skin tone has improved, it is now plump and smooth again. 

If you haven't experienced the collagen red light bed I can't tell you how many people complement me on how good my skin looks. It's not about getting rid of the wrinkles like botox  would, you don't instantly turn back the clock and have no smile lines. Your skin looks, feels and is healthier. 

Being a bed it means it's not just your face that gets healthy skin it's all over. Stretch marks are looking way less 'out there' than ever before and cellulite - well it's way less than before too. So with a little use of good body moisturiser I once again have beautiful skin all over - but you'll just have to take my word for that.

Kirsty Ethynes