What's in a name? The story behind Beta Life International Ltd.

If, like us, who you deal with is important to you, you'll like to know a bit about the people behind the scenes; here's our story.

We are: 

Janis Bowker and Kirsty Ethynes, business partners and life partners. After working in corporate jobs in roles from PA to Investigating Accountant and everything in between we sold up and went in search of our dream.... a business of our own.

Many years ago we purchased a tanning wholesale company which had the name Super Tan Sunbeds.  A couple of years later we wanted to expand into other products especially in the beauty industry. Buying the products was easy, thinking up a new name, one that had meaning (at least to us), wasn't. This is the meaning of our company name; Beta Life International Ltd.

Beta; is second, it's the second business name for us and the start of a new era. Beta also incorporates our surnames - a little bit at least. And Beta Life indicates our commitment to providing better products and service. Since our products come from around the world so Beta Life International (BLI) was born.

You may be wondering what we mean by 'better products'.  Products from trusted manufacturers with ethical practices towards people, animals and the environment. That means things like, continuing improvement of products so no damaging chemicals are used, not testing on animals, choosing ingredients from sustainable sources and using recyclable packaging.  In essence we mean products that are a balance of nature and science which enable you to look great, feel great and know it’s better for you.