Renu advanced anti-ageing skincare uses unique cell communication

Our skin is amazing. It is a mirror to our health and well-being and our biggest age giveaway. The secret to healthy, vibrant skin is understanding and respect.

The skin is the largest organ of the body; it gives us appearance and shape. Although appearing delicate it is resilient, self healing and most importantly, it is intelligent - a powerhouse of activity.

We are continually making new discoveries about the structure and functions of our skin, for example; stem cell research is an area being used in fighting against skin cancer and disease. Through this important research we are learning how our skin cells function and interact. We have discovered that cells communicate with each other, transferring vital information from one cell to another, via their membranes. This transfer of information happens through the cell membranes "mediators and receptors". Mediators instruct each cell how to react and this information is then passed through the membrane and onto the receptor of the next cell. This information passes backwards and forwards through the epidermis and dermis.

As a child you would have played "Chinese Whispers". The cells act in this way, whispering vital information to the cells surrounding it, on and on, this information spreads until the particular action is complete and the skin has regulated itself. This action happens continually in the skin.

Renu has developed to use this unique system of cell communication. Renu skin care actives have been chosen because they respect the skin. The actives are themselves mediators; they contain information useful to the skin. They interact with the epidermal skin cells. In this way Renu works with the skin, enhancing and supporting its natural, everyday functions. This is one of the most technologically advanced approaches to modern cosmetology.