How to Boost Your Skin’s Collagen Levels

Once you know everything there is to know about collagen, you may now be curious as to how you can improve your own skin’s collagen levels.

There’s numerous options including: supplements, creams, injections, facials & red light therapy. Here’s how each of these work….


As you know you’re taking a pill or liquid form, it’s usually gelatin of some form which is denatured collagen. Little side effects, sometimes allergies or loss of appetite – now you’re all running out to get some!


If you want a quick fix to wrinkles and are happy with invasive techniques this may be an option for you. They basically inject a filler into your skin, the filler used to be bovine based but now they use hyaluronic acid. Injections last 4-12 months, side effects don’t happen too often but can include allergic reactions, bumps that become permanent and bruising. The significant impact on your wallet however hits everyone choosing this treatment, it is not cheap.

Creams & Serums

Creams focus on the outer layer of the skin and don’t penetrate to the dermis so their effect is short term, they do improve the firmness and texture of your skin. Of course some creams are better than others and you need to choose those creams suitable to your skin type. As well as collagen in creams we also have creams with ingredients like hydroxyproline you’ll remember forms part of the collagen helix, and hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) which you’ll remember is what the injections often use. These are just two examples of ingredients in our range, I use them to demonstrate how advanced our ranges are and they use science with natural ingredients to get results.

Active Collagen Bio Facial

In this facial we use a collagen mask, it’s 99.9% pure freeze dried collagen that comes from a by-product of the fishing industry. You could even use this mask straight on your skin to heal wounds faster eg: a burn, this is what they do in the medical profession.

When you have an active collagen bio facial with collagen hydration ampoule you can improve the skin’s ability to hold moisture by up to 75% with just one treatment, with 6 weekly treatments wrinkle depth can be reduced by up to 40% so it’s pretty impressive.

Now I have saved the best to last…

Collagen Red Light Therapy

This is a long lasting, non invasive, no side effects treatment. It is not an instant fix but it is ongoing with the improvements you get. Initially you need 2-3 sessions per week for 10-12 weeks followed by once a week to 10 days. You see your first signs of improvements in about 10-12 sessions.

How does it work? Quite simply red light stimulates the fibroblast cells we talked about in your dermis to produce collagen so your body is naturally producing your collagen. And of huge benefit is this is a full body bed so you don’t just get collagen in certain areas as you would with injections you get it all over your face and body.

Does Collagen Red Light Therapy produce results?

Yes for sure! It depends on you what you’ll experience but some of the things our clients have experienced include:

  • Client in her 40’s with oily skin has a massive change in her pores getting way smaller, less acne and her face is looking amazing

  • Client in her 50’s, ex smoker with typical smoker wrinkles – much less dry taut looking face with less wrinkle depth

  • Client in her early 30’s clearing those stretch marks and less back pain

  • Client in his 50’s with shoulder that got so sore he’d wake at night, used the collagen bed for the 30 or so sessions and his issue disappeared

  • Me at early 50; dry skin, red neck way reduced redness, cellulite on legs basically gone and fantastic muscle recovery after exercise

  • Staff in their 30’s; smoother, softer skin, stronger nails and veins less prominent

  • Client – wrinkles around eyes and under chin are getting less, hands feeling better/softer, hair & nails growing heaps.

Benefits are gradual over time, there are no instant cures here, but the benefits keep improving with time.

If you’d like to know more about our collagen red light therapy , you can pop into one of our salons find their location here, or call us on 04 974 0773.