Select Committee agree with choice for Adults

The Select Committee report on the Health (Protection) Amendment Bill does recommend a ban on under 18's from using commercial solaria. This is not a surprise and is not contested by the indoor tanning industry, indeed most support more regulations.

Notably the Select Committee carefully considered extending the provisions to ban commercial solaria, this as a result of the numerous submissions making this suggestion. The Committee were satisfied that the bill protects the vulnerable age group and that Adults can make their own choices. Indeed they point out that the 18 is the age legislation considers you are capable of making choices regarding smoking and alcohol. We have long said that how people get their UV exposure should be their choice, we are pleased the Select Committee agree with us.

The opposition parties are putting in a supplementary order paper to introduce a ban in three years. This is disappointing. They state "that New Zealanders should not be put at risk from cancer for a service that offers no health benefits". Vitamin d is the 'sunshine vitamin' required for lots of health benefits (many of which are still being discovered) and obtained by exposure to the suns UV rays, it is an erroneous position to take to say that a device that emits UV offers no health benefits.

Our message: UV light is necessary to life, how you get it is your choice, moderation and responsibility in how you get your UV dose is the key. 

We are very pleased the Select Committee agree that Adults (those over 18yrs) are capable of making their own choices.